Check Out Artisan Glass Pipes in Fryeburg, ME

Check Out Artisan Glass Pipes in Fryeburg, ME

See what we're making at our portable glassblowing studio

You don't have to come all the way to our store to appreciate the work our glassblowing artist does. Thanks to our portable glassblowing studio, you can enjoy the artwork of The Glass Cook at plenty of different locations. We bring our trailer to various events to show the glassblowing process. Check our website regularly to find out when you can watch a demonstration.

Call 207-890-8871 now to learn more about our portable glassblowing studio in Fryeburg, ME.

Bring your broken pipe to us for glass pipe repair

If you chip or crack your prized glass pipe, don't worry. We offer glass pipe repair services. Just bring your pipe to our shop so our knowledgeable staff can take a look at it.

Unfortunately, not every piece is fixable. Sometimes pipes can't handle the repairs and may break further. By agreeing to getting your piece repaired, you acknowledge that the pipe may not be able to be fixed. We can also reject pieces that are deemed not worth fixing.

Contact us today to speak to a specialist about glass pipe repair in Fryeburg, ME.